Service with a cross-cultural agency in Canada

100 hours of work or volunteer experience with a cross-cultural agency in Canada may be used towards the CIL. 

Placements must be in contexts where:

  • Cross-cultural communication and relationship-building is a central part of the unit or organizational mandate
  • The student has regular, face-to-face interactions with individuals from (a) different cultural background(s)
  • The student can solicit advice or guidance from staff members with knowledge and expertise in cross-cultural communication

Students are required to locate their own placements and are encouraged to consider agencies that serve a multicultural client base (e.g., newcomer serving agencies) or a particular cultural community, including an Aboriginal community.

The option to complete 100 hours of service with a cross-cultural agency in Canada is offered to students as an alternative to studying, working or volunteering abroad or living in International House. As such, it is meant to be as immersive as possible.  Students, therefore, may not combine work or volunteer placements to meet the 100 hour threshold.

Students are encouraged to discuss their placements with a CIL advisor ( before undertaking them.

Provide Documentation and Get CIL Credit

After completing 100 hours with a cross-cultural agency in Canada, complete a Confirmation of International/Intercultural Experience Form and submit it to for review.