Second Language Competency

Moderate fluency in a second language may be used towards the CIL.

Students can demonstrate moderate fluency in another language in the following ways:

1) Studies at UAlberta

  • 6 credits earned in the study of a language other than your native language (students must earn all 6 credits in one language;  two 3 credit courses studying two different languages will not count)
  • The completion of university-level course work in a language other than your native language

2) Language Studies beyond UAlberta

Language study beyond UAlberta may fulfill the language competency requirement, including:

  • Attending high school or another university in a language other than English
  • Receiving University credit for language study undertaken in high school
  • Completing a language immersion program

Provide Documentation and Get CIL Credit

UAlberta Language Courses

If you took language courses at the University of Alberta or received credit from the University of Alberta for high school language study, please submit your current transcript to

International Students from Non-English Speaking Countries

If you are an international student at UAlberta from a non-English speaking country, no action is required. A CIL advisor will be able to verify your country of origin.

Other Language Learning Experience

If you acquired a second language through other means (i.e. an informal language learning program), please contact a CIL advisor at to discuss your specific circumstances and the kind of documentation required.