Study, Work, or Volunteer Abroad

Students who complete a study, work or volunteer abroad program may count their experience toward the CIL.

1. UAlberta Students Going Abroad

UAlberta students can study, work, or volunteer in any country but the program must be 6 weeks, or more in duration. Students may combine up to two study, work, or volunteer abroad experiences to meet the 6 week threshold.  Abroad experiences must be part of, or proximate to the student’s university career.

Types of Eligible Programs


UAlberta Programs

  • Education abroad programs of 6 weeks or more offered by UAlberta (including University of Alberta International or faculties)
  • UAlberta offers more than 300 programs in 40 countries.
  • Visit, or talk to your faculty for information on international exchanges, internships, co-op programs and field schools.

External Institution or Organization Programs

  • A variety of international learning opportunities offered by government agencies and non-governmental organizations that can count toward the CIL.
  • Students are encouraged to discuss their plans with a CIL advisor ( before departing to ensure that their experience will count toward the CIL upon their return.

2. International Students Studying at UAlberta

International students at the University of Alberta (who are, graduating with a UAlberta degree) meet the study abroad requirement by choosing to study outside their home country.

Provide Documentation and Get CIL Credit

Submit Your UAlberta Transcript

If your experience abroad is clearly denoted as an exchange, internship or international field school on your transcript, submit your updated transcript to

If your experience is on your transcript as a course but it is not obvious the course was offered in another country, submit your updated transcript to with a note identifying the course and the affiliated education abroad program.

Experiences abroad that are not on your transcript

If your experience abroad is not denoted on your transcript, complete a Confirmation of International/Intercultural Experience Form and submit it to for review.